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Thank You Lexington KY For Hosting The KVHOF Events

Class of 2017

Troy Bowling                                        David Carter

Lexington, KY                                        Lexington, KY

CM Hop Ewing                                     Oakley Farris

Florence, KY                                          Covington, KY

Kirby Fint, Jr.                                        Charles Fraley

Frankfort, KY                                          Hardin, KY

Daniel Houston                                     Raymond Hughes

Glenco, KY                                             Petersburg, KY

Creed Johns                                         Jack Mattingly

Jessamine, KY                                       Harrodsburg, KY

Willis McKee                                          Donald McMillian

Shelbyville, KY                                        Walton, KY

Ronald Ray                                            Ralph Reece

Crestwood, KY                                        Radcliff, KY

Richard Seekman                                  Eric Shrader

Radcliff, KY                                              Hardinsburg, KY

Michael Sparks                                      James Terrell

Paris, KY                                                  Frankfort, KY

Arthur Turner                                         Shawn Vanlue

Bellevue, KY                                            Nebo, KY

Steven Weber                                        Sherry Whitehouse

Alexandria, KY                                        Brooks, KY

Michael Whittfield

Hopkins, KY